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Nick Preston

Tech, music, spice.

I'm Currently Working On...

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My Developer Career

Currently employed as a Software Developer, I work with the ancient and new maintaining COBOL code on IBM mainframes, DB2 SQL, C#, and Angular on the front-end. I am very interested in Docker, Kubernetes, and efficient modern code that is easily deployable and maintainable. Logo

Since 2023, I have been a co-founder of alongside Dr. Aaron Demolder. It's a music distributor for the common artist, providing all the services they need to succeed without hidden costs. More to be announced later :)

Polychora LogoPolychora Logo

Polychora Records

Since 2016 I have been curating music and posting it online. This ultimately ended up turning into a record label. I run it passionately, showing the world artists who don't have a big audience. My goal is to help them focus on making the music and not worry about the logistics of distribution and admin. You can check it out here.